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Cloud Migration FAQ

When is the migration planned?

The data migration will begin in August 2023 and continue throughout Q3-Q4 of 2023 and Q1 of 2024. Starting Thursday, August 17th, FORM will initiate the first stage of the migration process, storing copies of customer files on Google Cloud.

This process will continue through early fall. During this time, data will be stored in both the FORM data center and Google Cloud.

FORM OpX/Key Survey will be transitioning from our Boston-based data center to the cloud hosting provided by Google Cloud Platform during the weekend of February 24th to February 25th.

This migration requires a maintenance window that is longer than our typical maintenance windows, with the expected period spanning from 1 AM EST (6 AM GMT) on February 24th until 6 PM EST (11 PM GMT) on February 25th.


Customers should expect FORM OpX/Key Survey, and the FORM mobile app to be completely unavailable for most of the day on Saturday, February 24th, with services likely being made available in stages throughout the day on Sunday, February 25th.


We will be working diligently to minimize the downtime, but we kindly request our customers to anticipate the possibility of extended outages during this weekend and prepare necessary communication for their teams. Teams may monitor product status on our Status Page. 

You can find more details at Cloud Migration Plans

What is the impact of mobile apps during the migration ( February 24-25) period?

During the maintenance window, users will not be able to sync their devices. However, to mitigate any inconvenience, we encourage users to perform a sync before the downtime begins.

Additionally, they can continue working with the mobile app in offline mode if necessary.

What are the security controls in place for the data migration?

FORM teams will follow the same security standards in the new Google Cloud environment as in the data center, including role-based access control policies, encryption policies, security monitoring, and incident response policies. During the migration, the data is encrypted in transit and not shared with third parties.

What is the impact of the migration on data security/privacy?

FORM is committed to maintaining the same level or higher of data protection controls that we have. With the migration we will retain our compliance with the following standards:

  • ISO 27001

  • ISO 27701 (coming in 2024)

  • GDPR


We will maintain the same encryption standards with all data being encrypted in transit and at rest. And custom key encryption will continue to be available to select customers.

Google and a limited number of GCP partners will be added to our list of data sub-processors. However, Google, although the data is hosted in GCP, Google or its partners will not have access to the data of our customers.

What is the impact of the migration to business continuity/disaster recovery?

Migrating to GCP will allow us to significantly shorter our recover time objectives, with the goal of having an RTO of less than 24 hours after the migration is fully completed. We will be leveraging backups to a different GCP region and as our deployments will be scripted, standing up a new environment in a new region will be a quick operation.

What is the data deletion protocol for data previously stored in the datacenter after the migration?

Once all of the data and services are migrated to the cloud, we will be shutting down the datacenter and recycling the equipment. We will follow our data deletion protocols and hire a third party to securely destroy all media on which customer had been previously stored. We expect the data center shut down and the destruction of data to take place in the second half of 2024.

Will the links to forms/surveys/reports remain the same?

Yes, all links will remain the same. We are working to make the migration entirely unnoticeable to our customers and their users. Users should not expect any changes to their URLs or email addresses. However, if you have been using IP addresses in the URLs or firewall whitelists, the IP addresses will change. Our recommendation is to avoid using IP addresses whenever possible.

Will the portal/form/survey/reports/dashboard links change after the migration?

No. All links created prior to the migration will stay unchanged. There is no need to republish any of the forms/surveys or reports or notify users of any URL changes.

If we are currently whitelisting FORM's IP addresses, will there be a change to the list of IP addresses after the migration?

We will expand the list of IP addresses used by our software starting January 2024.

If you are currently whitelisting IP addresses to receive communication from FORM, please be sure to add the following IP addresses to the whitelists

Whitelisting IP addresses

Will Google Cloud allow clients to use user-preferred time zones in the portal instead of being limited to just EST?

Switching to Google Cloud will not introduce any new features.

If FORM planning to make Survey available in regions outside the US and support the local time zones?

Although being in the cloud allows for easier deployment into multiple regions, including regions outside of the US, FORM currently does not have plans to deploy Survey to regions other than the US. All customer data is expected to be stored in the US and to not leave the territory of the US. No new functionality, including the native support for time zones is planned to be introduced as a part of this migration at the moment.

Will I be notified at each stage of the migration?

Depending on your preferences, you should receive emails from FORM notifying you of important migration updates.

Please get in touch with your Account Manager if you have not received these emails. 

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