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Cloud Migration Plans

What Does the Cloud Migration Plan Look Like?

August 2023

Customers' files and photos uploaded to forms and surveys are being replicated to the GCP servers. The original files are still being created in and served from the FORM data center.

September 2023

Customers' files and photos uploaded to forms and surveys are served from the GCP, while the backup copy of the file is maintained in the data center.

February 2024

All FORM OpX and Key Survey application servers will be moved to the Cloud. The move will require a brief downtime period, the date and duration of which will be announced 30 days in advance of the migration.

At this point, the IP address from which FORM OpX and Key Survey send the outbound requests will change. Incoming traffic, though, will still be going through the data center.

This migration requires a maintenance window that is longer than our typical maintenance windows, with the expected period spanning from 1 AM EST (6 AM GMT) on February 24th until 6 PM EST (11 PM GMT) on February 25th.


Customers should expect FORM OpX/Key Survey, and the FORM mobile app to be completely unavailable for most of the day on Saturday, February 24th, with services likely being made available in stages throughout the day on Sunday, February 25th.

March 2024

Incoming traffic to the FORM OpX and Key Survey applications will start flowing through the GCP ingress servers. The IP addresses, to which the incoming traffic is directed, and to which the FORM Opx and Key Survey domain names are attached, will change.

Customers who are providing their own domain names (for white-labeled use cases) will need to check and possibly adjust the DNS settings for their domain names.

March - June 2024

Remaining services will be moved to the cloud, including:

  • Outgoing Email

  • QlikView Dashboards

  • Middleware Used for Integration Purposes

  • Custom Portal

  • Data Reducer

July 2024

The data center will be shut down, and all FORM OpX and Key Survey services will operate entirely from the cloud.

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