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Self-Host v10.0 (2022)

Release notes of the v10.0.3 release at December 2022

New features


1/ Task Creation - Reduce data duplication and allow users to initiate workflows from the portal and the mobile app.

Create a task on Portal

  2/ Default task summary and description for task definition

When the form is attached, the new fields appear:

  • Defaults task summary with default value New task created on {Task creation date}

  • Default task description

They can be edited by the admin (piping is available) and will be used for tasks created by an Admin and Portal user.


 3/ barcode scanner updates

From now on it works in Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. It also works on various devices such as laptops and desktops, tablets and even mobile phones - in mobile browsers!

With the additional support of tablets and mobile devices, where several cameras can be installed, our users can select which camera they want to use for barcode scanning. Users can manage the scanning as they want: restart it, remove scanned barcode and try it again, cancel scanning if they change their mind.

  4/ UI redesign and improvements

  • redesign: colors, fonts, UI elements updates for the RBD view

  • Improved UI for the Create Contact Manager, Portal Settings, Advanced Features: Branching, Advanced Features: Set Values, My Account: Security Settings

  5/ Enqueue workflow updates feature was added to Copy Response Plugin

When this feature is enabled, merged updates of the same response are ensured to happen sequentially rather than simultaneously.

Feature can be enabled for specific plugin setup. To enable the feature

1/ User must be granted with the right

'Enable enqueued workflow updates' in 'Custom solutions' category (not visible to Enterprise Admins)

2/ 'Enqueue target updates' setting of the plugin must be set to 'Yes'

Bug fixes

  • 30 bug fixes for form creation, tasks, plugins, and reports.

  • 20 security fixes XSS, file upload restrictions, and others.

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