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SOAP-based API provides external developers with multiple functions available within the FORM platform

SOAP, which stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, is a highly strict and secure way to build APIs that encodes data in XML.

With SOAP API you can:

  1. Create new forms, retrieve and modify existing forms.

  2. Modify form settings, such as redirect URLs, submission policy, etc.

  3. Retrieve results for submitted forms, submit new results from the remote applications.

  4. Pre-fill questions in forms with information, generate unique links, send email invitations and reminders, enable password protected access to forms.

  5. Manage your account settings, such as changing the password, reviewing the account permissions, etc.

  6. Manage sub-accounts (available in the workgroup subscriptions): create and remove sub-users, modify their settings.

  7. Manage application users (only available in self-hosted installations).

The FORM API provides a set of web services that give programmatic access to FORM accounts. To access FORM accounts programmatically, you build web service clients that connect to one or more of the FORM API Web Services.

Each service can be used independently, although for some operations (such as adding a new form and submitting it to respondents), you will need to use multiple services in a single client program.

You can find the documentation for the SOAP API at

API references can also be found at

The most frequently used APIs and their implementation examples you can find at

SOAP API examples

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