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Export Forms to PDF for iOS

If you have no Internet connection and need to get a printable version of a filled-out form for a person in charge, you can export your form while filling it out to PDF.

How to Export Forms

  • Open a Form, start to fill it out. It's not necessary to fill out the whole form. If you completed the form, press the Submit button;

Or you can open an already submitted form.

  • Press the Export button.

  • The Confirmation pop-up will be opened. Press the Save and export button;

  • Now it is possible to review the exported form. It contains all form questions and pages. 


For the large forms it is required to end all flows and download all page content before exporting it.

The default delay of 2 seconds is added for every form page.

You can find this setup in the app Settings.

The delay can be reduced or increased depending on the form configuration clicking on ‘-' and '+’ buttons.

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