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Getting Started with iOS App

To log into the app, you need to obtain a Portal ID, your User name (login) and your Password from the form/task administrator or the Portal admin of your company.

How to Set Up your Login

Enter the Server URL
To change the Server address press Change, and insert either or your company's special URL that you receive with your login and password. 

Specify the Portal ID
The Portal ID is a 7-digit number that, along with your Login credentials, should be provided by your Portal admin.

Enter your Login in the appropriate field;

Enter your Password;

If you forgot your password, use the Forgot password? button to reset it. A temporary password will be sent to the email linked to your account.  

Language Setting

The default language of the app is English, but you can change the language of the app before you log in.

To do so, tap English underneath the Login button and choose a language of your preference from the dropdown list.

Finalizing Login Setup

After a successful authorization, a synchronization will take place (learn more about Synchronization).

Once synchronized, you may fill out Forms and complete Tasks in the Offline mode.

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