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iOS App Response Card

A Response card displays the following information:

1. Uploaded: This status indicates whether the response has been uploaded to the server. 

2. Response label: The default response label is New Response - Last change date, but it may be customized by the Form Administrator.

3. Status: In Progress/Completed. Current response status: 

In Progress status means that the Submit button was not pressed at the end of the response. You can save partial responses by tapping Save or Next  while filling out a form. 

Completed status means that the response was submitted.

Response actions

Depending on the Form Launch and your Portal Settings, the following action buttons might be available on a response card:

  • View: Tap the View button on a response card to view or edit the response. After you tap View, you will be taken to the response and the Edit button will show up in the top-right corner of the screen: 

  • Upload: Uploads the response to the server.

  • Delete: Deletes the response from the device and from the server. It will not be possible to restore it, so take extra caution when deleting responses.

  • Copy: Creates a copy of the response. 

  • Pin: Important responses can be pinned using the Pin button in the top right corner of a card. A pinned response will appear on top of the list and have all of its attachments downloaded to your device.

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