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My Account

It is possible to view and modify all of the necessary information and your account status from the My Account page.

To access My account page, log in to your account and click My account link on the top of the page:

There are 3 tabs available to access from this page:

My account

Account Name By default your account name is the email address you entered while signing up and it can be changed from our side only. Please contact our Support Team to request this change if necessary.

Name, Company Name, Email Address, Phone You can view the information you entered into the corresponding fields while signing up.

Survey credits available Total amount of available credits

Credits available until The date when your subscription will be expired is indicated here.

Respondents total Here is given the total amount of respondents who completed your surveys.

Credits used by all surveys Here is given the total amount of credits that you have used working with all your surveys.

Credits needed to view remaining surveys Shows the number of credits that should be available for viewing remaining surveys.

File storage space Shows usage of the provided space.

It is also possible to have access to the following options:

Edit Profile Here you can modify your account details.

Change password On this page you can change your password.

Usage Report You can view the detailed account usage data within your account and export this data to Excel. The activity and usage data includes the number of surveys created, number of respondents participated in your surveys and other. Just click the Usage Report button from the My Account page and indicate the time interval to view the usage statistics.

Default contact manager Select default contact manager from the list of contact managers available. Selected contact manager list will be displayed by default when you switch to Contacts tab and pre-selected for survey launch and publishing on a Portal. Default contact manager can be changed at any moment.

The Usage Report displays the total usage of credits statistics on a weekly basis

According to the international standard ISO 8601,ISO 8601 week 1 is the week that contains the first Thursday that year. For example, if the first day of the 2022 year falls on Tuesday or Wednesday, the previous days from the last year will be counted as a part of week of 2021 year.

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