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Prefill Login Fields for iOS​ (MDM support)

iOS app users can skip entering their Server URL or login if they use a corporate device. (MDM support)


The Prefill Login Fields feature allows IT administrators to use MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions to prefill the information on the iOS FORM application for users. By using the MDM system, IT administrators can manage login information centrally and ensure that users have access to the correct portals and apps.

So that iOS users can skip manually entering login data as server URL, portal ID, and login.

Set up

IT Admins can prefill the login data for the iOS application users like the following:​

  • Server (if the custom URL is used instead of;

  • Portal ID;

  • Login;

  • Language (it is possible to set the default language).


Managed App Configuration, commonly referred to simply as AppConfig, allows MDM solutions to remotely deliver data to a managed device, which the app can then use to customize the user experience or app behavior.

Depending on the MDM solution's specific user interface, the administrator gets one of the listed below forms:

  • Intelligent form editor and sets the parameters in UI;

  • Simple form editor and sets the parameters in XML as managed app config.

The FORM iOS application app config:


How to Set up MDM with SimpleMDM

Register with SimpleMDM and set up your account.

  1. Enroll your device.

  2. Add the FORM iOS app to the MDM applications allowed.

  3. Define Managed App Configuration values for the app.

  4. Assign the app to a group (of devices) or to an individual device and push the app to the device. The managed AppConfig will be pushed as well.

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