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Self-host 10.0.4 (2023)

The version 10.0.4 is available for the following configurations:

  • KeySurvey Win/Oracle 19c

  • KeySurvey Win/Ms SQL

  • Win/MS SQL.

Product updates

1/ New online Portal is added. It has a modern UI, it is built based on the latest UX concepts and has a set of great features that make your work fast and productive.

For more details, check the Online Portal help page.

2/ The transfer to the New Portal should fix the SSO issues experienced by some accounts.

3/ Api-GW was added, which is required for the New Online Portal.

Removed vulnerabilities

1/ Apache common update to v1.10.0

2/ Log4j update to v2.17.2

3/ Tomcat update to v9.0.82

4/ Tomcat settings to hide the error pages were added

5/ <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.valves.ErrorReportValve" showReport="false" showServerInfo="false" /> string was added to server.xml to avoid internal data disclosure.

Bug fixes

The 'Disable item scripts' right should be turned on for the account to fix the XSS issues. With the activated right the application should not accept any script, special characters, or html in fields whenever not required.

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