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Account Types

This chapter explains account types and permissions available within a FORM account. User roles and permissions allow you to define, assign, and manage the level of access each end-user has within your account.

FORM provides 2 types of accounts, which are mutually exclusive: Single User and Workgroups.

Under the Workgroups account type, there are two additional, mutually exclusive subtypes: Multi-User and Multi-Access.

Account Type


Single Users

This account type provides each end-user with a single login, which allows them to access the application modules available with your FORM service.


Workgroup accounts have an admin and several sub-users. All application modules available for the Single User account type are available for Workgroup accounts, but access rights are limited by their admins.

There are 2 account subtypes within Workgroups: Multi-Access and Multi-Users.

Super Admin

Super admin (or an application admin) role is available only for private hosted customers. For SaaS model, this role is executed by FORM Team.

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