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Browse and Manage Tasks on the Portal

The Tasks that were published on the Online Portal will appear under the Tasks tab and can be accessed from the left side pane of the screen.

All of the forms attached to all available tasks are shown by default. You can browse a certain task using the list of all tasks that appear in the left side pane, as well as the tasks grouped by the category:

The tab itself may have a different name if renamed by the admin. 

The article covers how to change the view of tasks, sort tasks, and manage tasks on the Portal. 

How to change the view of Tasks

You can view available tasks either as Cards or Table. To switch between views, use the button in the top right corner of the Tasks screen:

Task Table Interface

You can drag and drop columns to change the table view.

Task Card Interface

The Task card consists of the following:

  1. Status;

  2. Task summary;

  3. Task definition name;

  4. Assignee;

  5. Due date (if set);

  6. Expand icon;

  7. 'Menu' icon.

Click on a Task card to:

  • Fill out a form if the response hasn't been saved/submitted yet;

  • View a response preview if the task with a saved/submitted response. 

How to use task functionality 

There are 2 ways to use the task card functionality:

In the Card Mode

1.Click on the Expand (6) icon on a Task Card to open a Task Details dialog.

2. Click the Menu (7) icon to see all options.

In the Table Mode

Hover over a task to see the options:

  1. Fill out a form;

  2. Change Status;

  3. Unassign;

  4. Change assignee;

  5. Change due date.

(warning) If a Task has a response, the 1 icon will be 'View Form'.

Task card/table functions

Depending on the rights provided by the Task admin, you can:

  • Change Status.

  • Unassign.

  • Change assignee (you can assign to yourself or other party);

  • Change due date.

(warning) If you want to this option on the Task Details dialog, click on the '...' icon to select the option.

Once you have logged out of the Online Portal, all appearance adjustments set up by you will be saved and available after you log in again.
Please keep in mind the adjustments are saved on the same browser and device.

Sorting Tasks

To sort the Task Cards use the dropdown menu located above the cards on the right. Select the sorting category and use the arrow next to the button to sort in the ascending or descending order.

When in the Task Table view, click on the column name to use it as a sorting category.

Managing Tasks on the Portal

When you are a task manager and have the access to the tasks assigned to other users, you can manage the tasks in the same tab on the Portal.

To view the tasks you manage, click on the Team Task button from the list of Quick Filters.

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