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Contact Manager Creation

There are 2 ways to create a Contact Manager:

  1. Create contact list by manually editing fields

  2. Create contact list by importing file with data;

Go to the Contacts menu and click the New → Contact Manager buttons.

Create Fields Manually

Using this option you can create new contacts by inputting all required information manually. It is commonly used if you do not have data saved in an external data file or to update the existing contacts list with new contacts quickly.

Before adding new contacts, decide what information your Contact Manager should contain and add the Contact Manager Fields. These fields will define the structure of your CM and will form the column headers of the data table.

The following five fields are created automatically: Name, Email, ID, Login, and Password.

Complete the following steps to add the Contact Manager fields:

  • Enter a label for the new field under the Field Name column;

  • Select the appropriate field Format according to the data type that will be stored within this field;

  • Click Add new column to add one more field;

  • When all the fields are added, under the Select Special Fields section mark the Unique Key (it will be used as a unique contact identifier), Email (these will be used for email distribution purposes) Login, Password and Language (this field will store user’s language preference) fields;

  • Click on the Change button next to the Name Formula field to select the contact’s name format from the dropdown list that will be used throughout the system. This formatted name will replace the [Name] tag if you use it within the system or in the text of the form invitation emails.

  • Click the Create Contact Manager button;

  • Now that the Contact Manager structure is defined, click +Add Contact button to add new contacts:

  • Now that the Contact Manager structure is defined, click +Add Contact button to add new contacts:

  • Provide all the contact details. You can fill out the ID field manually, or check the Generate unique value automatically box for the ID to be generated automatically as a random number.

  • Click Save & New to save the new contact and add more contacts to the Contact Manager or click Save to finish and go back to the Contact Manager home page.

An Admin must create the Contact Manager first so their sub-users would be able to create their own Contact Manager.

Import from CSV File

  • Create a data file using Excel or Notepad containing the data that you would like to upload. The data file may or may not contain the column headers and must have as many rows in it for as many contacts you would like to upload:

  • Save your file as a UTF-8 encoded .CSV file, with the data separated by commas, tabs, spaces, pipes, etc.;

  • Create a new Contact Manager, select the Import from CSV file option;

  • Provide a Contact Manager Name;

  • If the data file you are going to import contains column headers, select the Consider first line as header option;

  • Depending on the separator that is used within the data file, select the appropriate option from the Select the delimiter dropdown;

  • Select Import CSV file option.

  • System will display the first line of imported file as a preview.

  • Contact Manager fields are created automatically according to the imported file. Proceed with editing the default column names and set their formats.

  • Indicate the fields that will be used as a Unique Key, Email, Login and Password. The Unique Key will be used as a unique contact identifier. Email will be used for email distribution purposes. Login and Password fields will be needed to provide access to the Participant Portal. The Language field will store user’s language preference;

The Language field of Contact Manager also stores the ISO language tags, not the actual language name. If you use the Data flow functionality to pass the Contact Manager Language Field into a form or set up a filter for the Object Lookup question type, the language value will be displayed as the ISO language tags.

  • Go back to the Contacts menu, select your newly created CM and click the + +Add Contact button to add new contacts;

  • Use the Set Up New Import option if you need to update existing contacts in your Contact Manger or import more data.

  • Please read the Contact Synchronization article for more info about the import contacts list.

  • Read the article to know how to edit and delete CM.

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