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Contact Manager

The Contact Manager (CM)  is an advanced storage for your contacts allowing you to create multiple contact records and distribution lists, and then use these lists for different distribution campaigns. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • To manage and launch forms to regular participants from the CM;

  • To set up users for the Participants Portal;

  • To allow the CM to be part of an Object Lookup question within a form.

The table below presents help articles that will help you to know how to create and manage CM.



Contact Manager Creation

The article covers two ways of CM creation and how to delete and edit CM.

Create a Contact Group

Read the article to know how to create and manage Contact Groups.

Contacts View

You can see information about Contact Managers' activity. The article covers view modes, statistics info and their Settings. 

Contact Synchronization

Contacts Synchronization is used to import the list of contacts from external sources instead of creating contacts manually one by one. The article presents how to set up a new synchronization.


Filters are used to filter out contacts from the general contacts list, by profile contact records or by contact activity. The article presents how to set up filters.

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