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Contacts Management Service

Contacts Management Service provides methods for creating, accessing and managing contact managers.

This service could be used by SINGLE_USER, ACCESS_LEVEL_USER , ACCESS_LEVEL_ADMIN and MULTIUSER_ADMIN account type.

With version 8.15, the following end-points were added to the ContactsManagementService:

  • getLaunchedSurveyFilter

  • getLaunchFilter

  • updateLaunchFilter

  • createLaunchFilter

These methods allow to get existing Launch Filters the form was published to and create and update the Launch Filters for publishing forms to a CM group

For more information about the ContactsManagementService, see the API Reference or WSDL below:

Current version (v8.1)

ContactsManagementService API Reference

ContactsManagementService WSDL

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