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Due Date

This function allows you to configure the due date for a task, set default due dates, and change the status of a task relative to the due date.

The Due Date Settings section of the page contains a Require due date toggle.

If you turn on the toggle, it will be possible to input any number of days after the task was created as the default due date. The text box only accepts positive integer numbers.

 To select the status which will be applied to the overdue task, tick the Change status of overdue tasks checkbox. Here, you can input the number of days after the due date when the status change will occur.

For example:

If you have an Overdue status created and enable the option to close tasks that have "Overdue" status, a task will be closed as Overdue automatically if it has not been closed by a person it was assigned to.

  • The system will not allow status change after the due date if the task has already been closed.

  • Use the Statuses tab to modify statuses which can be applied to the overdue task.

  • A status of overdue task will be changed automatically after specified number of days only, meaning if by some reason the status was not changed on the indicated day, it will never be changed at a later date.

  • If the status of overdue task was changed by the system according to the settings, and after that you or your respondent changed it manually, it will not be changed automatically again:

  • If you changed a due date of a task to be in the past and according to the rules the status of the task should be changed automatically today, please be sure to wait up to 2 hours for the settings to update and the task status to change

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