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Task Definition

Task definitions contain various task characteristics, such as who can work on tasks, what form should be filled out as part of a task, what statuses and properties a task may have. Task definitions also specify next activities to be triggered automatically upon task-related events, e.g. when status changes or when the task becomes past due. 

Clicking the Task Definitions tab will allow you to create task definitions and view existing ones.

How to Create Task Definition

  • Go to the Tasks menu and click on the Create Task Definition button:

  • You will see a popup asking for a name of your "Task definition". Enter the name and click "Create".

You will be redirected to the Edit task definition page, where you can set a parameters for a future task by navigating to the tabs on the left panel.

The table below lists help articles dedicated to each tab.


This tab offers options of editing the name of the Task Definition, assigning people responsible for carrying out the task, and making the selected form a mandatory part of the Task Definition.


On the Statuses tab you can view existing statuses and add custom ones to your tasks.

Due Date

The tab allows you to configure due dates for your tasks.


The tab offers a simple interface for creating a workflow associated with the task.


Use this tab to define what responsible parties and task managers can do with a task.

Properties & Data Flow

Allows you to create task properties and set up data flow between users, form fields and properties.

Task Filters & Columns

Allow users to filter tasks by properties and decide which properties will be visible to them.

Contact Filters

This function allows you to select which contact manager fields may be used to filter the list of potential responsible parties (assignees) when the task is re-assigned in the Task Management functionality.

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