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On the Statuses tab you may view existing statuses and add new ones to your tasks.

By default, all tasks have two statuses - “Open” and “Closed”:

  • The Open status is selected as default, and the status will be assigned to a task once it is created, regardless of method of creation.

  •  Closed status is marked as such that closes the task. You may edit and delete statuses labels by clicking on the pencil icons.

  • If there is a form selected for this Task Definition, an Assign status based on the form checkbox is displayed. If you activate the checkbox, a dropdown box with a list of form questions will be displayed. Choose the question which contains answer options related to the statuses. Then select which statuses open and close a task.

  • Statuses may be custom or imported from a question in the form. You can have any number of custom statuses associated with a Task Definition. A combination of question-based and custom statuses is also possible. To add a new custom status, enter the unique status name into the text field provided. To save, press Enter or the Add Statuses button. Any characters can be used in the status name.

  • Only Pick One or 'Other' and Dropdown question types are allowed for status assignment.

  • Only one status can be chosen as Open, but several statuses can be marked as such that close the task.

  • There must be at least one status within a Task Definition, so the system will not allow you to remove the last status.

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