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The Actions tab becomes active when responsible parties have been selected in the Basics tab.

The tab offers a simple interface for creating a workflow associated with the task.

There are 2 type of actions that can be triggered by a task. The actions that can be created are:

• Email notifications;

• Creating other tasks.

The triggers (events) for these actions are:

• Task Created;

• Task Closed;

• Task Reassigned;

• Tasks Status Change;

• Relative to due date.

These triggers can always be activated by any logical conditions in the form.

How to create an action

  • Click the Add Workflow Action button under the Edit Actions;

  • The Edit Action pop-up box will appear.

1. Select a trigger for the workflow action. The Execute on dropdown box allows to choose from such triggers as: 

• Task created;

• Task closed;

• Task reassigned;

• Status change;

• Relative to due date (days before/after due date).

  • If there is a form linked to the current task definition, the Based on: Logical condition on form data checkbox will be visible. Check it if you want the following action to be triggered by certain form answers.

  • Select the Status trigger associated with the task (for Task closed and Status change triggers).

If Task closed was selected in the Execute on dropdown box, the statuses that you have marked as such that close the task (in the Statuses tab) are displayed.

If Status change was selected, all statuses are displayed. 

  • Depending on the trigger, the action to follow may consist in sending an email, creating another task or 

re-assign task automatically. Choose one from the Action dropdown box.

  • If you have checked the Based on: Logical condition on form data box, the dialog box will switch to the logic editing mode (simple or advanced), where you will be able to select or write a condition based on form answers and trigger an action to follow this task. 

Read the Logical condition on form data article to learn how to adjust the settings.

  • If you haven't checked the logical condition box, then depending on the selected Action, the Edit Action window will switch to either:

Email Edit mode (Send email action);

Create another task;

Re-assign task automatically.

Click on each action above to learn how to set it up.

  • Click the Done button after you select an option.

For the task created by the Portal user the re-assignment flow will be triggered only if this user has the re-assignment permission.

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