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Logical condition on form data

To apply logic rules, you can use not only Simple mode, but also Advanced Logic rules. Please note, that only following data formats may be used in the right part of logical expressions:

  • other question references: Qx.Ay<[Qx1.Ay1]

  • constants: Qx.Ay<5.2

  • date: Qx.Ay<{2013-12-31}

  • references on the date fields: Qx.Ay<[Qx1.Ay1]

If you use simple mode to implement logic rules, be careful when using checkboxes to select needed questions:

  • if you tick checkbox near the question reference, the system will implement selected logical operation(equal to, contains, etc) with the value of the referenced Answer option.The checked "Qx.Ay" checkbox can take the following types of reference:

    • Question Reference Qx (for a dropdown question)

    • Answer option reference Qx.Ay

    • Question identifier Text string specified on the Edit question page

    • Answer identifier Text string specified in the Answer option settings screen. Click on the Wrench next to the answer option and specify Answer identifier in the appropriate field.

Be aware that if the "Qx.Ay" checkbox is ticked and you enter a text string that is not an identifier listed above, the system will not allow to save the logic.

  • In case if checkbox is not checked, the system will implement logical operation with a string text value inserted in the text box. For instance, if "Qx.Ay" checkbox is unchecked and you typed Qx.Ay in the text field next to the checkbox, system will implement logical rule with Qx.Ay as a text string.
    Please note, that checkbox must be unchecked if you would like to compare value to a text string.

Several logical conditions may be used here by clicking on Add Group. Remove group is used for deleting logical conditions. Hit Next when done.

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