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Create Another Task action

If you have selected the next action as creation of another task, a Next Action screen will be displayed.

The following task properties can be set:

  • The Task Definition dropdown box allows to choose a task definition of the following task.

  • The Summary text box allows to input a summary for the new task.

  • The Description area allows to write the detailed description. If the current task definition has a form linked to it, it is allowed to use piping tags in both text boxes.

  • The Assign to dropdown box allows to choose assignees for the task to follow, and allows to choose from Unassigned, Current user, and values from the single line and lookup question types of the form.

  • The Status dropdown box contains all the statuses from the destination task definition that do not close the task.

  • The Due Date dropdown box serves for indicating the due date.

If the destination task definition has a form linked to it, click on the Next button to take you to the mapping interface. If no form is available, hit Done.

The mapping interface allows you to pre-fill data from the current task form into the new task form by mapping the questions and answer options. Values should be specified in formats Q1, Q1.A1, Q1.A1.C1. Question identifiers and answer option identifiers may also be used.

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