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Edit Layout

  • The Edit Layout page allows you to customize forms' appearance using the available functionality.

  • Click on the tab that corresponds to the form section you wish to edit.

Styles Tab

The Styles wizard is used to customize form/survey fonts and colors and does not require any particular knowledge of design editors and tools. Select form/survey element you want to customize in the left list of the wizard and apply changes to the font or alignment to this element.

Click here to see examples:

Styles Page

The Form in Preview Mode

If you wish to make the answer options within all Rate different items along the scale of your choice bold and aligned to center, select Answer option text-Rate along the scale questions category, then choose the needed font style and text alignment:

If you select Instructions and headings and choose a bigger font size for them, the question text in all Section Headers will become bigger:

If you select Even answer options and choose a green background color for it, all even answer options within your form will acquire a green background and it will be easier to distinguish them:


  • The changes on the Styles tab may not be applied right away due to the browser caching. Try clicking Ctrl + F5 (Command + Shift + R on Mac) to refresh the page omitting cache.

  • Sometimes your custom CSS code may also overwrite the changes applied on the Styles page. In such cases, the CSS code of the form needs to be reviewed.

Buttons Tab

Buttons tab allows you to customize form navigation buttons: SubmitBackNextClose and Save.

Use this option only if you would like to be able to enter the translations for the button labels in the multilingual form.

You can upload your own buttons using the Image Buttons option. Click the Upload your own buttons link to expand the upload tool.

The HTML Buttons option is used to display pure HTML buttons with your custom text.

You can only upload .gif and .png files to be used as buttons.


The CSS wizard requires knowledge of CSS and allows you to edit each particular form question and element. Click here to go to the CSS Guide help chapter.

  • Use this feature with caution since it may damage your layout if used incorrectly.

  • Sometimes the CSS changes may not be reflected instantly due to a browser caching. Try clicking Ctrl + F5 (Command + Shift + R on Mac) to refresh the page omitting cache.

The PreviewNextApplyFinish and Cancel buttons names correspond to their functions.

The Default button resets a custom theme applied along with any additional CSS code changes to the default layout.

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