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This chapter provides all of the possible Form creation, modification and design methods provided by the data collection platform. 

The table below contains a short description dedicated to each help chapter. Click on a name of a chapter to go to a help article. 



Forms Page

The article describes the Forms page available once you log in to FORM.

Question Types

This page describes the meaning, purpose, and functions of each question type available.

Layout Design

This page contains the description of the tools which can be used to make the Survey design match its requirements.

Advanced Features

Advanced features provide you with a powerful automation utility that allows to create and apply actions to your form that will be performed upon execution of respective logical condition or unconditionally.

List of Application Tags

Application tags are the HTML-dependent advanced answer option settings. Use them if you want to add visual and/or functional enhancements to your form.

Additional Question & Answer Settings


This page contains the description of all of the Logical transitions and Actions of the FORM platform tools which can be used in the process of Form creation.

Email Alert

This chapter includes the setup procedures and descriptions for all the available email notification methods at the FORM platform.


The piping feature allows you to link certain information to various places in your form or task. Please read the article about thepiping feature in the default task summary/description.

Export and Import of forms to the CSV file

Creating and editing forms via the CSV file upload allows you to faster:

  • create large forms from the content that already exists; 

  • change multiple questions or answer options in the form.

Custom Form Modification & Design

On this page, you can work with questions and other elements, add pages, set up logic and alerts, create a unique layout using various tools, and launch the form.

Respondent Message Modification

The following respondent messages can be customized by clicking on the Messages button.

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