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This page contains the description of all of the Logical transitions and Actions of the platform tools which can be used in the process of Form creation.

The features described in this section are outdated. We recommend to use Advanced Features instead.

Survey logic routes respondents to certain questions. Logic in Custom and Linear forms routes respondents to pages.

Our application allows you to apply the following types of logical transitions:



Skip Logic

This function allows you to direct all the respondents to the same question.

Branch Logic

This conditional transition means that the next question asked to respondents depends on their answer to this particular question.

Branch on Range

Branch on Range Logic is used to calculate the score and redirect respondents to other questions based on the score they gain answering form questions.

Delayed Branch Logic

Delayed Branch Logic can be used in cases when it is needed to implement redirecting on particular questions of the survey depend on answers to question(s) asked earlier.

Advanced Logic

Advanced logic is used to define questions that will be asked further depending on respondents answer(s) to a particular question.

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