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Advanced Features

Advanced features provide you with a powerful automation utility that allows to create and apply actions to your form that will be performed upon execution of respective logical condition or unconditionally

The usage of action groups or separately applied actions is very useful in the creation of complex branching or response selection automation.




Branching allows to redirect users to a specific page or a question, skipping over certain sections depending on an execution of associated logic rules.

Set Value

The Set Value feature allows to set or change responses to questions upon execution of associated logic rules.


The Advanced Show/Hide feature allows to show or hide questions/answer options based on a logical condition.

  • Upon the application of the Set Value functionality, the Value assigned to the answer will be applied to the Report and the Report by Respondent, as well as the question which has been previously answered by the respondent.

  • Upon the creation of the required functionality, the applied actions will be grouped by the question of application and action type.

  • It is not recommended to use the above-mentioned Advanced features and Logical transitions together at once.

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