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Use this feature to show and hide questions or particular answer options which is done by meeting a certain logic expression. 

How to apply the feature 

To apply the Show/Hide feature to your form, follow the steps below:

  • Click Advanced features button on the form toolbar menu and select the Show/Hide from the dropdown.

  • You can create the Show/Hide feature in a Simple (1) or Quick Edit (2) mode.  

Applying the feature in a Simple mode

When creating or editing one Show/hide action, the page is divided into 2 sections:

Select questions/answer options to show or hide

  • Show/hide. This action shows or hides question or answer option when the logical condition is met based on the one of the further selected options:

    • Form only: Questions/answer options will be shown/hidden only in the form but will appear in the reports.

    • Response only: Questions/answer options will be shown/hidden in the individual reports only.

    • Form & response: Questions/answer options will be shown/hidden both in the form and the individual reports.

    • Apply show/hide logic to Individual Response Reports by selecting options Response only or Form and response.

  • Show/hide no clear. This action also shows or hides question or answer option upon logical condition but does not clear answer value of the displayed question when its visibility changes. Select the option Do not clear existing values to activate this action.

If an answer option is not shown to respondent according to the show/hide logic rule and it was not pre-populated by any platform function (i.e. Autofill, Set value, etc ), it will not be displayed in the report by respondent unless Do not clear existing values option is checked.

Question/Answer options selection

  • Click on the Select question dropdown menu;

  • Select one or multiple questions by switching between different selection modes. With the help of Allow to select multiple questions option, you are able to show or hide multiple questions or answer options upon the same logical rule, e.g. "Show Q1.A5, Q2, Q3.A1 if Q1.A1".

  • Reference a range of questions, answer options or columns, using Qx-Qy, Qx.Ay-Az or Qx.Cy-Cz format. For instance, Q1-Q5, Q1.A1-A5, Q1.C2-C7. Ranges of answer options and columns are limited to a single question.

  • The system optimizes overlapping ranges, for example, if the following expression is entered: "Hide Q2.A1-A7, Q3, Q2.A5-A9, Q4 if Q1.A1", the system will optimize it and save: "Hide Q2.A1-A9, Q3-Q4 if Q1.A1".

Please be aware, that if you worked in Single or Multiple question selection mode, and then decided to work with multiple questions or vice versa, the rule you created earlier will be saved and shown to you once you switch back to the original mode.


  • You can either create a new condition or select the one created earlier and modify it if necessary;

  • Three conditional operators available: IF, IF NOT and IF ALWAYS. The IF ALWAYS operator triggers an action unconditionally.

  • Build complex logical conditions using Add sub-group (1), Add rule (2) and Add group (3) options and AND/OR/AND NOT/OR NOT logical operators.

Value for comparison

First, select a condition (Contains, Equals to, etc) and then specify:

  • numeric or text value, i.e. IF Q1.A1=<5;

    • Piping reference: [Qx.Ay] or {Qx.Ay} (square or curly brackets), i.e. IF Q1.A1=<[Q2.A1]

Question and answer identifiers are also supported, so you can use them to reference specific question instead of question/answer option numbers.

You can find an example of show/hide conditions in the Show/Hide Logic article. 

  • Piping references on the date fields: [Qx.Ay] (use square brackets only)

  • Regular expressions.

Please read the article about list of regular expressions and their types.

Quick Edit mode

Quick mode allows to create multiple show/hide expressions at once or copy/paste them from other source into your form: 

  • Click on the Quick Edit button;

Each expression will appear on a new line on the Quick Edit page:

Please, read theShow/Hide Logic article for more information on creating complex logical conditions. You can also find an example of show/hide conditions there. 

You can use options for showing or hiding the questions that can be selected in the Simple Mode are used for the Quick Edit mode. 

To activate them, use one of the following in the logical condition:

'on Form': corresponds to the 'Form only' option in the simple mode

'on Response': corresponds to the 'Response only' option in the simple mode

'on Form and Response': corresponds to the 'Form & response' option in the simple mode

If nothing is specified, the default behavior for the logical condition is to hide questions / answer options from the form but still show them in the individual reports.

These expressions should be added at the end of the logical expression, for example: 'Show Q4 if Q1.A1 on form and response'. 

Note that these expressions should be added only at the end of a logical expression and should have the exact word order (the valid expression is 'on form and response' and not 'on response and form').

Summary Page

You can add new actions, view, edit and change the priority of existing actions directly from this page. On the Summary page, you can switch between Show/Hide, Branching, Set Values and Quick Edit tabs.

While working with any action from this page you can make it inactive (1), move up/down (2) or delete (4) it. Quick edit mode (3) is also available for each expression on this page and allows inline editing:

Show/Hide Logic Summary Box 

If Show-hide logic was applied to a question, then the summary box will be placed right under it stating that this question contains one or multiple Show-hide expressions.

Show link redirects you to the edit question page. Show/hide expressions applied to the question are located at the bottom:

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