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Delayed Branch Logic

One more way of using Branch on Range is creating so called Delayed Branch Logic.

Delayed Branch Logic may be used in cases when it is needed to implement redirecting on particular questions of the survey depend on answers to question(s) asked earlier.

For example, your survey should consist of three blocks:

  1. At first you collect some general information including respondent's status;

  2. In the second block you place questions intended for all the respondents;

  3. The third block consists of questions which depend on respondent's status.

So in this case you should apply Branch on Range logic to the last question of the second block and do the following:

  1. Assign different point numbers to each answer choice of question asking for respondent's status

The type of this question must allow scoring points (Pick One (Radio Buttons), Check All That Apply, Dropdown Box, List Box, Rating Scale).

2. Set logic rules for going over to  next question per each set of scores.

3. Apply Skip Logic to questions in the third block if needed.

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