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Question Types

The FORM application provides you with 14 question types to collect critical data.
This page describes the meaning and purpose of each question type available. Click on each question type name to read a more detailed description.

Question Type


Question types allows you and your respondents: 

Static Text 

use this question if you want to write introductions or give additional headings to blocks of questions in your form.


Pick one (radio buttons) 

to choose from several answer options, for example 'yes/no' answers.

The option 'Other' allows respondents to add their own answer option in case none of the predefined answer options suits.

Pick One with Comment

to choose one answer from several, and comment on their choice.

Check All That Apply

to choose from the list of answer options as many answers as they want. 

Dropdown Box  

to choose one answer option from the dropdown menu of answer choices (a list of countries, languages, etc.)

 List Box

to choose one or several answer options from a list

Single Line Text

to enter several individual lines of text which will correspond to question parts.

Multiline Text  

to comment on something in their own words.

Rating scale 

to leave feedback on different statements or evaluate different products, features, or services.


to get feedback on a number of different attributes associated with a product or service at the same time.

Numeric Allocation

to control total sum of values entered by respondents.

Object Lookup  


allows you to use Data Models or Contact Managers  as a database and provide respondents with an option to select one record from them as an answer to your question.

Multiple Object Lookup

to select one or multiple objects from the list by specifying other parameter details in a dropdown (or multiple dropdowns) if needed.

File Upload

to upload files for an answer.

Compare One Against Another (deprecated in New Form builder)

to find out which item is most preferred by your respondent.

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