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Multi-Line Text

This article describes the Multi-Line Text question purpose, functions, Must Answer settings and its specific and additional settings. 


This question type is an open-ended question. Use it if you want your respondents to comment on something in their own words. 

Questions of this type are good for gathering additional information.

There are no additional answer options for this question type since it has no answer options.

How to create Multi-Line Text question

  • To add the first question to your form:

Click the Add first question button to add this question type.

  • To add a question to the already existing form:

Click the '+' button on the Central panel, then select the question from the dropdown menu;

  • Type your question text in the Enter text here text box.

      All changes are saved automatically.

Multi-Line Text specific settings

You can use these settings to expand question functionality or make the user experience for your responders easier.

You can set amount of text rows for the answer under 'Text input settings' in the right setting panel.

If you enter more than 15 text rows, the central panel displays a dashed line with 'N text rows' text, where N corresponds to the value entered in the input box.

Must answer settings

This question type has Basic Must Answer settings. 

Click here to read about the Must Answer settings.

Additional question and answer option settings

This question type has more optional question and answers option settings.

Please read the articles for more details.

  • Question analysis code

  • Question identifier;

See the table of all available additional features depending on question types.

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