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Single Line Text

This article describes the Single Line Text question purpose, functions, Must Answer settings and its specific and additional settings. 


This question type allows the respondent to enter several individual lines of text which will correspond to question parts.

You can also require the answer option entry meet certain requirements using the answer format option (pre-formatting can be used to make sure the entry is a number, number within a range, email address, date, etc).

How to create Single Line Text question

  • To add the first question to your form:

Click the Add first question button to add this question type.

  • To add a question to the already existing form:

Click the '+' button on the Central panel, then select the question from the dropdown menu;

  • Input the answer option text in the Empty label text fields or upload the answer options by importing form a .csv file;

      All changes are saved automatically.

Single Line Text specific settings

You can use these settings to expand question functionality or make the user experience for your responders easier.

To change the answer options formats:

Use this setting to set the format for an answer option. Once you set the format, a respondent will not be able to enter an answer in a different format.

For this question type answer options can have different formats, unlike the Numeric allocation question type.

To adjust this setting: 

  1. .Focus on the answer option field;

  2. Select the answer format from the dropdown menu or click the Edit formats button to customize formats.

See the Customize text formats for more details.

To enter a Calculated value for a specific answer option: 

You can use this feature to:

  1. Perform mathematical calculations using data from the submitted answers (numeric calculated values).

  2. String together multiple answers into a single text string (text calculated values). 

To set the setting, turn the Calculated value toggle on on the right panel.

There are 2 modes for entering values:

  1. Number mode to enter calculated values for math calculations for a corresponding answer option;

  2. Text mode to enter calculated values for composing a required text string for a corresponding answer option.

The Number mode allows you to enter:

  • valid mathematical formula  - using addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/). 

  • Javascript Math methods

  • expressions in format SCORE(x,y)/MAXSCORE(x,y), where x,y - positive integer numeric values only

  • question reference (Qx)

  • question and answer reference (Qx.Ay)

  • column reference (Qx.Ay.Cz)

  • numeric values (positive, negative, int, dec)

The Text mode allows you to enter:

  • question reference (Qx)

  • question and answer reference (Qx.Ay)

  • column reference (Qx.Ay.Cz

Note that the field for the calculation expression input is limited to 1024 characters

Read the Calculated value article for more details.

To set up the numeric keyboard for the Mobile Application Users:

Use this setting if you want your Mobile Application users to enter only numbers for answering. Only a numeric keyboard will be shown for answer input.

If the respondent uses the Mobile Application to fill out the form, you can enable the Numeric keyboard toggle for their convenience.

Focus on the question field, and see the right Question settings panel.

The toggle is visible only for certain answer formats

Click to see the formats

Answer format

Numeric Keyboard toggle visibility 


Currency, $

Currency, £

Currency, €

Decimal number


Number>= 0

Percent, %

Email address


Postcode (UK)

Social Security Number

Zip code (US)

Custom based on 'Date type'

Custom based on 'Text type'

Custom based on 'Number type'

 To change answers layout:

Use this feature if you want the answer options to be displayed in a row or a column for your responders. 

  • Select the Down option to display your answers in a column.

  • Select the Across option to display your answers in a row.

  • 'Across' option allows you to select the space between answer options.

  • Click the Preview Test Form button in the upper right corner to check your changes. 

All changes are saved automatically.

Must answer settings

This question type has Basic Must Answer settings. 

Click here to read about the Must Answer settings.

The Additional must answer settings include: 

Mandatory answer options

Select this option to make only certain answer choices within a question mandatory to answer. 

 You can select more than 1 answer option.

Additional question and answer option settings

This question type has additional common question and answer option settings.

Please read the articles for more details.

  • Question analysis code

  • Question identifier;

  • Answer identifier;

  • Answer order;

  • Application tags.

See the table of all available additional features depending on question types.

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