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The piping feature allows you to link certain information to various places in your form or task. Please read the article about thepiping feature in the default task summary/description.

You can use piping not only in questions and answers, but also in email alerts, 'Thank you' and 'Welcome back' messages, headers, footers. It is also possible to use the piping feature for the Task Definition default summary and description.

The table below presents help articles dedicated to the feature. 



How to insert Piping

The article describes how to use the feature into your form.

Formatting piping tokens

The article provides examples of piping tokens.

Piping for the Default Task definition summary and description

The article explains how to use the feature for both Task summary and description.

Piping with URL Import

The article describes how to use the URL Import and Piping together.

The Advanced Piping feature for the New Form Builder allows you to apply extended piping options more conveniently. Please read the article for more information.

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