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How to Insert Piping

The Advanced Piping feature for the New Form Builder allows you to apply extended piping options more conveniently. Please read the article for more information.

The piping feature allows you to link certain information to various places in your form or task. Please read the article about thepiping feature in the default task summary/description.

You can insert the response given to a certain question into the following questions or into the answer options of the following questions. Question Identifier allows you to pass responses similarly to Piping using custom references. These identifiers can also be used in Logicrules and Pluginssettings.

You can also use piping into the following features: 

  • Email alerts;

  • 'Thank you' and 'Welcome back' messages;

  • Form Name (You can insert auto-filled information);

  • Headers, footers;

  • Task Definition default summary and description.

It is recommended you use piping references for the following question types:

  • Multi-line text;

  • Single-line text;

  • Dropdown box;

  • Pick one or 'other' / with comment;

  • Check All That Apply;

  • List box.

How to insert Piping 

  • Choose the question into which you would like to insert the response of the previous question;

  • Insert a piping token which refers to the question or field from which the answer should be piped;

  • Save your settings.

To insert  Piping, you can use square [] or curly {} brackets.

Square brackets

 When using square brackets (for example, [Q1.A1]) the piped text will appear bold and italicized. There will also be an underline in place of a piping token before the referenced question is answered.

Curly brackets

If you use curly brackets (for example, {Q1.A1}), the piped text will have no special formatting, and there will be no underline.

Piping can be used to pass the input data to the Email Alert body. For more details, please consult the Email Alerthelp chapter.

Please keep in mind when you use the Piping feature within the Email Alerts, you can use only one piping reference for the 'To' and 'CC' fields.
You can always put several email addresses into one Calculated Value/Single line answer option and pipe that field into your Email Alert.

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