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List of Application Tags

Application tags are the HTML-dependent advanced answer option settings. Use them if you want to add visual and/or functional enhancements to your form.

Please read the article to know how to implement settings to the New Form Builder and their availability.



URL Import

Use the <import param="XXX"/> tag to pre-fill a form using data retrieved from a form's URL and to track the URL addresses used by respondents to access the form. 

Sub Header

Use the <subheader/> tag if you have a list of items respondents must check and you want these items to be grouped by certain criteria.

New Column

The <newcolumn/> tag separates the list of answer choices into columns for better question appearance and usability.

Response Quota

Suppose you need to record results of a certain number of respondents belonging to three age categories: 18 to 25, 30 to 40, 45 to 50. In this case, you should set limit of respondents for each category.


The <block/> tag allows you to block respondents that select particular answer options. One of the common scenarios utilizing the Block setting is a need to bar the respondents of a certain age from accessing the form.


The <default/> tag is used within accessible surveys, which are adapted for screen readers and other tools intended for people with disabilities. The answer choice marked with this tag will be selected by default.

Language Selection

The <language selection="xx"/> tag is used to create a form in different languages for different audiences, so called Multilingual forms.

Email Reply tag

Use the <EMAIL_REPLY/> tag to send an email alert to respondents even if your form has not been distributed via our mail system. 


The <exclusive/> tag is helpful whenever a question having a few answer choices with one of them being mutually exclusive with the rest, for example: selecting the 'None of the mentioned above' answer option means that other answer options cannot be selected; the feature is used in order to avoid selecting other options.

Calculated Values

The Calculated Value feature is divided into 2 types: numeric and text calculated values. The numeric calculated value allows you to perform mathematical calculations using data from the submitted answers. Use the text calculated value to perform mathematical calculations and string together multiple answers into a single text string.  

Answer Identifier

Using an Answer Identifier, you can assign a custom name to an answer option on the Edit Question page.

Manual Application Tags

This article covers functionality application tags that require the manual implementation to your form.

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