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New Column

The New Column feature separates the list of answer choices into columns for better question appearance and usability. In some questions which contain a long list of answer choices, the respondents will need to scroll up and down to locate the answer they want to select. If you have a list of items respondents must check and you want these items to be grouped by certain criteria, create sub headers for each criteria. 

The <newcolumn/> tag is only applicable to the Check All that Apply question type.

How to insert the tag

  • Create/edit the Check All That Apply question type;

  • Click on the Wrench on the right of the answer option field; 

  • Check the New Column box;

  • Or you can Insert the <newcolumn/> tag next to the answer choices you want display as new columns.

The answers input mode must be switched to Standard before inserting the tag.

  • Save your question.

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