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The <exclusive/> tag is helpful whenever a question having a few answer choices with one of them being mutually exclusive with the rest, for example: selecting the 'None of the mentioned above' answer option means that other answer options cannot be selected; the feature is used in order to avoid selecting other options.

The checkbox is available for the following question types only:

How to insert the tag

To apply this feature:

  • Click on the Wrench on the right of the answer option field;

  • Check the Exclusive box;

  • Or Insert the<exclusive/> tag next to the answer choice you want to be exclusive.

  • Save the question.

  • If a respondent selects the answer option marked as 'exclusive' and some other option(s) in this question he will get an error message on form 'Submit'.

  • The tag can be used together with the Exclusive Plugin that in addition will disable other answer options if the 'exclusive' one is selected.

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