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The <block/> tag allows you to block respondents that select particular answer options. One of the common scenarios utilizing the Block setting is a need to bar the respondents of a certain age from accessing the form.

You can use this tag along with the <QUOTAxxx/> tag.

Checkbox is available for the following question types only:

How to insert the tag

To apply this feature:

  • Click on the Wrench on the right of the answer option field;

  • Check the Block box;

  • Or Insert the <BLOCK/> tag next to the answer choice. The answers input mode must be switched to Standard before inserting the tag.

  • Save your question.

  • Note that if the block action is enabled in all of the question answer options, it will deactivate the particular form. 

  • You can also insert <QUOTAxxx/> and <BLOCK/> tags in simple editing mode when the WYSIWYG editor is turned off to enable both features respectively.

  • That responses of blocked respondents will be regarded as not completed or as completed partially.

  • If both tags (<QUOTAxxx/> and <BLOCK/>) were put into two separate responses for the same question, the survey will become inactive once the number of respondents who select the answer with the tag <QUOTAxxx/> reaches xxx. If the question includes extra answer options without tags applied, the survey will allow respondents to complete the survey and will count them as incomplete.

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