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Answer Identifier

Using an Answer Identifier, you can assign a custom name to an answer option on the Edit Question page.

To add a custom Answer Identifier, go to the Edit page of your question and then:

  1. Click the Gear icon next to the particular answer option:

2. Specify a custom identifier in the Answer Identifier field:

3. Click the Save button.

Answer identifiers may be used instead of Qx.Ay references in:

  • Piping

  • Logicrules;

  • Some plugins, which require a reference to a particular answer option;

  • Exports to XML, Excel, CSV for the statistical analysis purposes

For example, you may use it to track the responses for questions with a static code across different forms in the exported data.

  • Answer identifiers must be unique within one form/survey.

  • Answer identifiers cannot consist of numbers only. 

  • Identifiers cannot correspond to the questions/answer options referencing structure. For example, the following strings: , Qx, , cannot serve as identifiers, but qxax, QxAx can be used. 

  • Identifiers cannot be identical to the logical operators or system keywords, such as AND, OR, NOT, LIKE, RLIKE, identifier.

  • If you are calculating a score in your form/survey with the help of Calculated Value functions: SCORE or MAX_SCORE, please do not use the same keywords (SCORE, MAX_SCORE) as answer identifiers, as this will interfere with the system behavior.

  • Please don't include such symbols to identifiers: $, &, +.

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