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Additional Question & Answer Settings



Question Analysis Code

Using the Question Analysis Code utility, you can specify the analysis code on the Edit Single Question page, and then export it into XML, Excel, CSV for the statistical analysis purposes.

Question Identifier

Using the Question Identifier you can assign a custom name or number to a question on the Edit Single Question page.

Predefined Answer Choices

In this case the answers will be automatically ranked and displayed in the corresponding lines.

Rich Text Editor

In addition to the WYSIWYG editor mode for the question text you can switch to the Rich Text mode while creating question answer choices.

Customize Text Formats

This feature is used to create your own data formats that can be applied to questions of Single Line TextMatrixand Numeric Allocation types to validate the data that respondents provide.

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are patterns used to match character combinations in strings and are used to make your respondents entering their answers in strict format that meets your needs.

Image Upload

You can upload your images to our server and then insert them into the survey using HTML.

Answer Option Upload

The upload answer option functionality is available for all of the question types, which require answer option input. The feature provides import of the answer option labels and answer identifiers.

Respondent Row Selection Requirement

Use the corresponding options to apply the requirement of:

  • Answer any rows -  allow your respondents to decide whether to rate a certain item or not.

  • Must answer all rows - require your respondents to rate all of the listed items.

  • Must answer N rows - to allow your respondents to rate not less than N items among the listed ones.

Respondent Multiple Selection Requirement

You can set a certain number of answers for the respondent to check using one of the following options.

Answer Option Order

Use the Select answer order drop-down box to select the answer order:

  • Choose Do not change order if you want the answers to always be displayed in the same order.

  • Choose Rotate answers to make the answers rotate random row each time a different respondent takes your survey.

  • Choose Randomize answers if you want the answers to be displayed in random order.

Answer Option Layout

On the Edit question page, you can change an answers layout.

Mobile Numeric Keyboard

Now you can turn on the numeric keyboard instead of the regular keyboard when answering certain question types using the Mobile App.

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