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Image Upload

You can upload your images to our server and then insert them into the survey using HTML.

To upload your images to our server:

  1. Design a survey for storing images.

  2. Insert new question of Section HeaderPick One or OtherCheck All That Apply or Single Line Text With Pre-Format Options types - use the question text and answer choice fields for images description.

  3. Click the Add Image button from the Edit form/survey page to attach the picture you need to upload.

  4. Browse for the image file and click Save to upload the image.

  5. Save your question.

  6. Preview your survey.

  7. Rightclick (ctrl+ click if you are using MAC) on the image and select Properties.

  8. Copy image URL - you may now use it in your links. For more details consult Using HTML help chapter.

You can create question for storing images within the source survey and hide this question so it is not visible to your respondents.

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