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HTML Guide

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a markup language which consists of tags embedded in the text of a document.

The browser reading the document interprets the HTML tags to help format the document for subsequent display to a reader. With the help of HTML you can set the colors of the document, text attributes (font, size, alignment etc.) or embed different objects (images, sounds and other) in your document.

There are several rules of HTML you should remember:

  1. All the HTML tags are enclosed in < > (e.g. <br>);

  2. HTML tags are not case sensitive;

  3. The majority of HTML elements require both open and close tag (e.g. <b>some text in bold</b>);

  4. The attributes of HTML tags are denoted with an equal sign and enclosed within quotation marks (e.g. <font color='red'>some text in red</font>;

  5. To set colors hexadecimal code is mostly used (e.g. <font color='#000000'>some text in BLACK</font>).

You can use HTML while designing your Form/Survey. It can be applied to survey title, description, question and answer choices, Thank You Page text.

If you want to apply the same formatting to all of the elements of a certain kind (for example, to all the question texts in the survey) you should better use CSS.

If you want to embed any object, all hyperlinks should lead to your server. If you want to place any object on our server, ask for our assistance.



Special Symbols

If you want to use special characters, such as trademark (™), copyright (©) etc. in your survey, you can use HTML character entity references to do it. For example if you want to use copyright character (©) you should type in &copy; or &#169;.


The article presents a list of dividers

Links and Graphics

You can add images to questions, answer choices and logo to your survey title simply by using feature Add Image or Enable Logo on the corresponding pages.

Presentation Formatting

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