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Answer Option Order

This feature is available for the following question type:

  • Pick One (Radio Buttons);

  • Check All That Apply;

  • Dropdown Box;

  • List Box;

  • Single Line Text;

  • Rating scale;

  • Matrix;

  • Numeric Allocation.

Use the Select answer order drop-down box to select the answer order:

  • Choose Do not change order if you want the answers to always be displayed in the same order.

  • Choose Rotate answers to make the answers rotate random row each time a different respondent takes your survey.

  • Choose Randomize answers if you want the answers to be displayed in random order.

This feature works properly if there are lots of answer choices in the question. Also, any answer options modifications would not be visible for respondent while re-submitting if they were applied after this respondents submitted the survey the first time.

  • If you need to display your items in alphabetic order, choose Sort ascending or Sort descending.

Stick If changing default answers order you can use the Stick option to keep answer choices on their positions. Selected answer choices will not be rotated, randomized or sorted.

Stick feature might not work if Show/hide is applied to the question or answer options.


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