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Form Design Management Service

This service provides functionality to read, create and modify the forms. Not all of the question types available in the platform are supported by the API. The following questions types are supported:

  • "Section Header" 

  • "Pick one or 'other'"

  • "Pick One with 'Comment'" 

  • "Check All That Apply"

  • "Dropdown box"

  • "List box" 

  • "Single Line Text with Pre-Format Options" 

  • "Multi-line text response"

  • "Rank grid" 

  • "Numeric Allocation"

  • "3D Matrix" 

  • "File upload"

    • There are two methods available for this question types that allow to set and get settings for specific question. 

For more information about the FormDesignManagementService, see the API Reference or WSDL:

Current version (v8.1)

FormDesignManagementService class diagram

FormDesignManagementService API Reference

FormDesignManagementService WSDL

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