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How to configure authentication parameters via command line for Windows Desktop app user or an enterprise admin can configure authentication parameters via command-line options of the app executable (WorldApp.App.WPF.exe).

The command-line options can be included in the Application shortcut. The user can configure several shortcuts configured for different portals, e.g. production portal and the portal for testing.

The list of the available authentication parameters can be found in the table below:

Authentication parameter

Command-line option

Option value type


Authentication type


password, saml

WorldApp.App.WPF.exe -authtype:password

WorldApp.App.WPF.exe -authtype:saml -user:john

Server URL



WorldApp.App.WPF.exe -authtype:saml -user:john

Portal ID


integer decimal number

WorldApp.App.WPF.exe -authtype:password -portalid:11111111



string, if the username contains space the username value must be enclosed in quotes

WorldApp.App.WPF.exe -authtype:saml -user:john

WorldApp.App.WPF.exe -authtype:saml -user:"John Doe"

There are several simple rules to follow:

  • The app launch command-line syntax must follow the below formula: appname.exe [-option1] [-option2] [-option3].

  • All the command-line options are not mandatory. 

  • The command-line options can be specified in any order.

  • If the authtype option is omitted, simple authentication using username and password will be applied.

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