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How to configure installation parameters using command-line

An enterprise systems administrator may want to automate the for Windows Desktop deployment. 

To automate the app deployment the following scripts can be used:

  • Windows startup scripts;

  • Windows unattended scripts. for Windows Desktop is distributed in the form of Microsoft Installer packages and supports all the standard Microsoft Windows Installer command-line parameters. 

Additionally, an enterprise administrator can utilize for Windows Desktop app-specific configuration options.

How to use the command-line parameters

See the below table for details:

Command-line option 



Specifies normal installation.


Repair installation.


Specifies administrative installation.


Uninstalls the package.


Quiet mode, no user interaction.


Enable or Disable the automatic updates to the new versions.

CHECKUPDATE="TRUE" - enable automatic updates.
CHECKUPDATE="" - disable automatic updates


Specify the location and name of the installation package file.


Stops the device from restarting after the installation completes.


Prompts the user if a reboot is required.


Restarts the device after the installation completes.


Specifies the default launch option servername


Specifies the default launch option portalid with the portal ID


Specifies the default launch option user with the username


Specifies authentication type, PASSWORD for general authentication,
SAML - Single Sign-on authentication, IF AUTH_TYPE is omitted, general authentication type is implied.

The command line must follow the below format:

msiexec.exe {/i | /f | /x}{[/norestart] | [/forcerestart] | [/promptrestart]} [/a] [/j{u|m|/g}] <path_to_package> [AUTH_TYPE= {[PASSWORD]| SAML]}[SERVER=SERVER.NAME] [PORTALID=XXXXXXXX] [USER=USERNAME]

Please read the article for more details on the format and commands interoperability.

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