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New Cards Preview Design for Windows Desktop

Meet a new view for responses and task cards preview. This article will take you through improvements for labels, color marks, buttons, access to functions, etc.

Key Benefits 

  • No bunch of confusing button labels! All information is located more clearly and concisely;

  • Easy access to basic functions;

  • Color indication mark;

  • Notifications about sync issues for response cards.

New Design Overview 

New View for Task Cards

1. Yellow line stands for the color indication for the 'Unread' status.  

2. Synchronization statuses. 

3. Click on the icon to see Task Details.

4. Tap on the icon to see a list of additional actions that can be performed on a particular task.

Just click on a card to fill out form/view form;

New View for Form Cards

1. Sync status; 

2. Sync issue icon; 

3. Edit button is available on a card for responses with 'In Progress' status. 

Sync Issue Icons

In case of a sync issue, a card and the left panel will display an issue icon. Hover over it to see a note.

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