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New Task Details Design for Windows Desktop

Meet a new view for the Task details dialog that is coming in Q1 2024.

Key Benefits

  • The dialog is displayed in the center, preventing you from being distracted by other information on the screen;

  • A compact view that shows you more information without scrolling;

  • All information is located concisely allowing you to complete clearly the required action;

  • You can review the tasks by switching between them.


My Tasks mode

Team Tasks mode


My Tasks mode

Team Tasks mode

New Design Overview 

Depending you are reviewing your or team tasks, and permissions you have, you will see different elements on the screen.

  1. If there is an In progress response in My Tasks you can choose whether you want to View or Edit it;

  2. The Description and Custom Properties appears only if they exists for the task;

  3. There is no hidden menu actions - you can edit the required value (Status, Assignee, Due date) by clicking the icon next to it;

  4. All available reassignment actions are in one dialog;

  5. You can switch between tasks by clicking 'left' and 'right' arrows or using keyboard arrows.

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