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Remote Filter

The Remote Filter allows you to email the report link including the summary report to a person who can then add filters to the survey results.

To use the Remote Filter feature:

  1. Select appropriate custom report

  2. Click the Edit button from the report info pane in the right part of the screen.

  3. Go to the Settings page and then:

  4. Select the Filter option.

  5. Click Save to save your settings.

Click Next to go to the Report > Publish Options page.

 Instructions on report filtering:

You can give the following instructions for survey results filtering to the people the report link has been emailed to.
To add filters to the survey results click Add Filter in Summary Report, and then:

  1. Click Add Filter to add new a filter.

  2. Select filter type.

  3. Specify the type of search.

  4. Apply filter logic if more than one filter has been added.

  5. Click Apply to apply the filters.

  • Back returns you to the Summary Report.

  • Edit Filter edits the applied filters.

  • If you make no actions in the window for 30 minutes the session times out.

  • Remote filters work only during the report session, when the report window is closed the filters are automatically reset.

Consult the Advanced Filter help chapter to learn more about report filtering options.

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