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Reports platform allows real time access to your forms’ reports. There is a default ready-made standard report for each form. There are also multiple available tools to customize the appearance and content of reports including formulas, crosstabs, graphs, filters, editing or hiding certain options and sections etc. 



Reports Page

The Reports page is a page where you can access all Form reports.

New Custom Report

Custom Report is a copy of your standard report which may be customized in the way you need.

The article explains how you can create a new custom report.

Edit Report Name

If you need to change the report name mouseover the Report Name and edit it inline. Or click Edit Name button on the Edit Report page. 

Report Items

Report Items page contains the list of all survey questions and report elements.

Report Layout

You can design or edit your report layout to match the corporate colors.

Report Settings

The Report Settings page defines the report behavior, export options in the online report, and other settings. 

The article explains how to go to the Settings page and adjust report's settings.

Report Filtering

The Report Filtering functionality allows you to email a report link with the a prefiltered summary report to a person who can then also add filters to the form results (based on the condition).

Publish Options

Click the Publish button on the Report Settings page or use the Report Information pane from the Reportshome page to modify the report accessibility.

The chapter presents publish options for your reports.

Summary Report

A Summary Report is an online form that shows statistics for each survey question. The article presents functions available at the bottom right of the report.

Report by respondent

The Report by Respondent (RBR) is an individual response to a form submitted by users. 

Time Series

The Time Series feature displays the response statistics within a set period of time and breaking it into the intervals defined by the user. 

Statistical Reporting

The usage of the statistics quantities allows you to estimate the trends in the survey results more precisely.

Advanced Reporting Options

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