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Statistical Reporting

The usage of the statistics quantities allows you to estimate the trends in the survey results more precisely.

To specify the statistical quantities you need to click Edit next to one of the questions on the Report Itemspage and click the Statistics button, and then:

  1. Use the Statistical quantities list box to select the statistical quantities.

For more details consult the List of Statistical Quantities help chapter.

2. Click [>] to move the statistical quantities to the Selected statistical quantities to report list box.

3. To remove the added statistical quantities select them from the Selected statistical quantities to report list box and click the [<] button.

  • Select the Show averages in summary report option to display average score for each rated object in the Rating Scale question type in summary report. For details consult the Summary Reporthelp chapter.

  • Select the Show Graph with average ratings option to display general graph with average score per each rated object in the Rating Scale question type in summary report. To apply different graph type instead of default one click the Edit Graph button. For details consult the Question Graph help chapter.



List of Statistical Quantities

This page contains the list of statistical quantities and their description.


The article explains how the average (arithmetic mean) of the responses for all question types but Rating scaleis calculated.

Statistical Quantities Calculation

The article covers the peculiarities of statistical quantities in the Single Line Text, Numeric Allocation, Rating Scale question types.

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