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Summary Report

A Summary Report is an online form report that shows statistics data per each survey question. It provides the following possibilities: 

  • View all collected data as well as individual responses.

  • Convert your report to PDF format.

  • Export your report to Excel.

  • View responses statistics.

  • Display form/survey results in graphic format.

To access the Summary Report, click the View button on the Report home page or from any page when editing your custom report.

At the bottom right of the report there is a functional menu with the following actions:

  • Add Filter - Use this option to set up as Online filter based on a Form/Survey question, Date or respondent's email.

  • Convert To PDF  - Use this feature if you need to print and distribute your report. To see this option in the Online report, it should be activated on the Report Settings page.

  • Export to Excel - This option allows you to export your form/survey results in Excel format (.xls) To see this option in the Online report, it should be activated on the Report Settings page.

  • Delete Respondent - Use this option to delete responses in bulk. This option is available only to the person who is logged into the account.

  • View By Respondent - Click this option to view the report of a specific respondent. This feature is activated on theReport Settingspage by default.

  • Report Index - It lists all the report elements and allows you to navigate to the particular element with a single click.

  • Top - Click this button to come back to the top of the report.

Submit dates and Email addresses are displayed in the View by Respondent mode. If you use anonymous survey distribution, there will be no email addresses of the respondents. 

  • Reports by respondent arranged according to the date the survey was taken (the report for the last submitted survey is in the end of the list). You cannot restore the deleted records. For details consult the Delete Response help chapter. Use the box next to the navigation buttons to enter the number of the appropriate response and click Go to view it.

  • If there were no responses to the question, it will not be included to the report.

Edit Responses

If your subscription plan includes the Edit Responses option you can edit records on your respondent's survey results. Click the Edit button in the View by Respondent mode and take the survey correcting the responses.Note

  • All the restriction settings are canceled (the Back button is always active, one can take the survey again, redirection is canceled, password question does not appear, start and expire dates are ignored).

  • Time when respondents have submitted the survey does not change.

  • When you click the Submit button, all your changes are saved. The intermediate results are not saved.

  • If you need to cancel the radio button answer click the radio button again and the mark will disappear.

  • Email Alerts are blocked and they are not sent.

  • Old results are overwritten and they cannot be restored.

Click the Delete Response button to delete particular respondent permanently.

  • The respondent will be deleted from all reports for the particular survey.

  • You cannot create PDF report by respondent for more than 500 respondents at a time.

You can convert individual responses in the PDF format in the Report by respondent if this advanced feature has been activated on the Report Settings page. Use the From and to fields to set the interval for the respondents you need to include in the print version of your report and click Convert To PDF.

Internal Notes

If your subscription plan includes the Internal Notes option and it has been activated on the Edit Form/Survey page, click Edit next to this question in the View by Respondent mode to enter the comments on the survey results.

Use the following buttons to compose your notes:

  • Click the View button to view link-numbers of the reports and corresponding text responses. If you click the link-number, you will switch to the View by Respondent mode. Here you can view the reports of the respondents.

  • Click the Export Graph button to export question graphs to PowerPoint.

  • Click the Top button to go to the top of the Summary Report page.

  • You can view average score in the table for the Rate different items along the scale of your choice question type in the Summary Report. This feature is activated on the Select Statistics page.

The average score is calculated the following way:

The total number of respondents for each column of a particular rated object is multiplied by the reversed order number of the column. then these results are summed up, finally this amount is divided by the total number of respondents for the rated object. For example there is a question designed for rating how often people drink certain beverages. There are three rated objects: Tea, Coffee, Beer. The scale consists of three columns: Rarely, Sometimes, Often. The first column is selected 3 times, the second column - 2 times, the third column - 4 times, the total number of respondents is 9 for the 'Tea' rated object. So the average score for 'Tea': (3*3+2*2+4*1) / 9 = 1,8.

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